About Novatti ChinaPayments

Our Vision

Chinapayments.com was founded in mid 2017 with the goal of providing a better cross-border payment solution service for Chinese to pay local Australian bills in Chinese Yuan(RMB).  We aim to give our customers the most seamless payment experience, make the process of paying AUD bills easy with RMB, instant and hassle free.

It will be a long road to reach our goal. The timeline below shows where we are today, where we are going and how we plan to get there.

  • Stepping foot in the Australia-China Payment market 2016

Since 2016, Novatti has been developing footprints in the ever growing China-Australia payment market, successfully expanding payment services to cover Australian e-commerce and trade payments through WeChat Pay, AliPay, JD Pay and 19 banks of China and also enabling Chinese visitors to use their WeChat Wallet to make purchases at local Australian stores. As a result, Novatti continues to increased its transaction processing in this industry.

  • Discovered an opportunity –  Late 2017

Apart from providing payment support to retail, ecommerce and trading businesses across Australia, Novatti discovered that there is a market gap in providing cross border payment alternatives directly to local Chinese residents. According to research, market feedback shows that the demand to spend CNY(RMB) is increasing based on the numbers of new migrants, international students and travelers entering China each year. What’s more is we have seen an increase of index search about “BPAY” and “how to use BPAY” among the Chinese community.

  • Began development Early 2018

We knew something had to be done, so we started work on developing a service platform closely working with our partners from BPAY and NAB, together making it possible for to pay BPAY bills in CNY/RMB, a more convenient solution to paying bills.

  • Launched Website April 2018

We launched our website and services

  • Begin Global Rollout Late 2018

We will begin rolling out our service to the rest of the world. Working with partners in multiple countries to enable customers to pay local bills with CNY(RMB) using our platform chinapayments.com

  • Release a Mobile App 2019

A mobile app will make our service even more accessible and easy to use

  • Release API 2019

An API will help developers to integrate our service into their own apps and websites


“I’m a daigou and receive payments in RMB, therefore I rather spend as much money in RMB which is why this platform is so convenient, it also saves my yearly exchange rate ” – Ms. Wang
“My family has just recently moved to Australia. Thank you Chinapayments.com, I learnt how to pay BPAY bills and it is so easy to understand.” – Mr. Li
“I’m a student and would recommend this platform to everyone who has RMB in hand. As a student, my parents send me money via Wechat or Alipay, so neither of us needs to take a trip to the bank, it’s so convenient, especially useful when I need to pay bills during holidays when I am in China. ” – Yu Ling